water2We invite you to participate in a Global Water Ceremony, aligned with the Waitaha Water Gathering October 15, 16, 17, 18 in New Zealand: www.waitahawatergathering.com.

This Global Water Ceremony will also be shared by First Nations around the world including Wandering Wolf (Tata Cirilo, aka Don Alejandro, Grand Elder of the Maya) and other Mayan elders in Guatemala.

These days are opportunities to meet water as the living blood of Gaia and as a sacred essence in all life. Of course we can honor water before and after this Global Water Ceremony. There are no set agendas, leaving ample creativity for you or your group to create ceremony to appreciate water in all its forms and honor water in and around us.

From one of the organizers, Sjoerd Aardema of Para Pachamama www.parapachamama.org:

We dream of the many Nations that on the days of the 15th through to the 18th of October will hold ceremony with Water. Many new relations have joined us to become Water Ambassadors, in true fact we are all Water Carriers. And all of us are divinely connected to the Greater Water Wheel and so it is your birthright to honor and bring love and attention back to the Waters from which we all came.

For the preparation we ask for you to go soon to your waters, lakes, streams, oceans, springs and head waters, and hold a meditation or prayer of gratitude and love. Feel into the place or body of water that is calling you. Collect a small bottle of water there. Bring it home. Appreciate it. Honor it. Meet it for the first time.

There are many places in drought, many in floods, many with polluted waters, and much water in polluted bodies. This is a time of healing, of reconnecting, or appreciating, of purification, and of awareness that can lead to conservation and respecting what we put into water. Together, with a shared intention to honor the spirit and substance of water, we can change our relationship with water…and Gaia.

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We hope you join us!

Our best, in service,
Joseph R. Giove and the Common Passion team