What do the words Transform and Thrive mean to you?

Do you feel empowered by these words?  Inspired?  Ready for change?  One of the most wonderful aspects of living now, in this time, is the awareness of infinite possibilities.  While some may argue that we do not have access to infinite possibilities, science is proving that our thoughts have a direct effect on outcomes.  If we believe that we do not have access to infinite possibilities, we are creating a reality with finite possibilities. images

If you could just take one small step outside of your comfort zone today, what would it be?  If you could do one thing differently today, what would you choose?  In order to transform, one must be open to change.  In order to thrive as a result of these changes, one must be willing to believe that thriving is not only possible but inevitable.  Sometimes one change, as the result of one choice, can change things dramatically.  I live in Canada and as a small child, I remember when leaded gas was still used.  I remember the heaviness in the air, the residue on cars, the toxic smells.   Now,  after 30 some-odd years of unleaded gas, the air is fresh, crisp and sweet-smelling.  While shifting to unleaded gas did not resolve our dependence on fossil fuels, it did make a tremendous difference in the air that we breathe today.  One choice.  One change.  Tremendous change.

I implore you to think about the words “Transform and Thrive,” to consider what they mean to you.  Will you welcome this concept into your life and dare to make a different choice, to make a change?  At the very least, please make a choice to join us on our next Transform and Thrive tele-webcast with Donald John Simon!

With love,

Rachel Frey