It’s been one week since the Venus Transit came and went.  How are you feeling?  Do you feel a shift? Are the changes subtle or substantial? 

As a member of the Common Passion Core Team, I can say with a resounding yes that our entire team is tuned in to some pretty tremendous changes.  Speaking with some members from the Common Passion Community, I know that many of you are experiencing much more than is typical.

Were these changes perhaps brought with the final Venus Transit we will observe in our lifetimes?

Is there truly a connection?

What is this connection?

Maybe it’s not so important that we understand the ifs, whats, whys or hows.  Maybe it’s more important that now, more than ever, we live in the moment.  Maybe the meaning of the Venus Transit 2012 is literally this: enjoy this moment, for it is rare.  In fact, it is the only one.  When we spend time trying to decipher the significance, to find the deep or hidden meaning of something, we get lost in the world of analytics, compartmentalizing in lieu of being present.

Instead, if we have the patience to simply be, enjoy, savour, perhaps we could stop worrying about the those ifs, whats, whys and hows.   Perhaps we could see the greater picture and we could allow ourselves to grow from having enjoyed the experience.

In our goal-oriented world of calendars and appointments, it can be difficult to live in the moment.  We must realize though, that part of the key to enjoying serenity and peace in our lives is due to having patience with the moment, not rushing through it, knowing that there is a lesson or growth to be attained.  If we are to take something from Venus, symbolically the goddess of love, let it be positive, for this unique moment is ours.  If we cherish it as if it were the only one, because it is, who knows what wonders will unfold?

By Rachel Frey